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Scrum for really large projects

Scaling processes is not the way to scale large projects


Scaled agile frameworks promise fast and simple solutions, but these preconceived structures do not lead the way to the actual goal: the agile enterprise.

Scaling of Scrum does not involve the multiplication of one method, but instead the finding a new big picture of the large project as a fractal scaled organization.

What is needed here are decoupled product architectures, consistent thinking from the point of view of the customer, the project management office as a prudent ScrumMaster, a desire for fresh skills, supported by modern infrastructures. And last but not least a leadership that considers enabling collaboration across all levels to be its most important task is also needed.

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The goal of continuous improvement

Plan, do, check, act is a fundamental part of scrum methodology and therefore an integral part of our daily work.

Carry out corrective measures and make these the content of the next Sprint Analyse the results of these steps Divide the goal into small steps and execute these Determine how you wish to reach the goal

The Agile How-To

Boris Gloger explains Scrum and other agile topics comprehensively and concisely in his „Agile How-To” video series. Managers and team members can instantly utilize their new knowledge after watching the videos.

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We will show you the methodological and practical side of Scrum

Inhouse Trainings

We will develop a training programme for you that is tailored to meet the special situation in your company and that takes place directly on your own premises.

Agile Check

Find out just how agile your organisation is

Case Studies

Scrum in practical form – experiences from the everyday world

We too are proud of the success stories of our customers. That is why we are especially pleased about your willingness to share your own Scrum experiences with others. Every Case Study revolves around the questions:

  • Why was Scrum introduced in the company?
  • How did the implementation proceed?
  • Where has it led us to?

Also answered in the Case Studies are the questions “How did we do it?”, “Who helped?” and “What benefits has it brought us?”.


Boris Gloger has documented his knowledge and his experience in these books:

  • Scrum
  • Erfolgreich mit Scrum – Einflussfaktor Personalmanagement
  • Wie schätzt man in agilen Projekten
  • Der agile Festpreis
  • Das Scrum-Prinzip
  • Selbstorganisation braucht Führung


Tools that will support you in your everyday work with Scrum:

  • Scrum Checkliste
  • Scrum Flow
  • Magic Estimation Poster
  • Ball Point Game
  • Scrum Checklist App

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