EuViz 2014

EuViz 2014 is about connecting the global movement of working with visual language, facilitating, communicating, and learning.

It is about expanding views on purpose and application of visual thinking and practice and exploring the possibilities for meaningful individual and collective action. Providing an opportunity to co-create a breakthrough, both on an individual as well as a collective level, that supports both your personal vision and wise action for the world.

Session by Karl Bredemeyer on July 24th, 11:00-12:30:

Visual Facilitation meets Scrum: Visual vocabulary for agile product development
Increasing complexity of up to date product development as well as maintenance calls for project management frameworks like scrum in order to provide shorter feedback loops and a thorough understanding of critical situations.

In this workshop, I will present a basic visual vocabulary for working in a scrum environment. Participants will then have the chance to create their very own vocabulary , according to their individual experiences.

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