Foto_Boris_Gloger_FOOB_GmbHThere are three things that impressed Boris Gloger most during his childhood and which have influenced his understanding of Scrum: the library in Wiesbaden, Red Air and the invader detection system of the Enterprise. Those who are familiar with Boris’ calendar usually wonder at what point in time he actually reads everything that he can recite so easily from memory. The answer is that he uses every spare minute for reading. This is why Boris is not only known to offer various and even surprising views to the same problem, but usually also has different solutions ready at hand. Fireman Red Air has made an impression on Boris in terms of his reflected and accurate approach in critical situations. The idea that a system can recognize by itself that something is wrong – just like the starship Enterprise – is the same principle that lies in Scrum’s ability to detect mistakes in an organization. In 2002, Boris led his first Scrum team at the Austrian ONE (today’s Orange Telecommunication Austria) to success. Since then, he has significantly contributed to the success of Scrum in agile software development in Europe, South Africa and Brazil. 

"Ken Schwaber and Norman Kerth made me realize that we have a responsibility. It is our duty to help people realise and utilize their full potential. At the same time, we need to pass on our knowledge on how to best achieve this." Boris Gloger

Nothing less than finished.

“Courage” is the agile value that Boris Gloger can identify himself with most. He is generally not afraid of radical decisions or having faith in an idea. No money in the world would make him follow rules that make no sense. He believes in Scrum, because it does not only produce better products, but also encourages better and more humane working environments. His approach during an implementation is not the stringent application of Scrum practices, but rather to use Scrum as a way of establishing critical thinking and enablement for changing a situation. The same rule also applies to him: Boris Gloger continuously reflects on how to simplify Scrum even more and how companies can holistically become agile by using Scrum.

Boris Gloger – hard facts

  • Degrees in Philosophy and Sociology of the Technical University of Darmstadt
  • First certified Scrum Trainer directly trained by Ken Schwaber, NLP Practitioner, certified Business Coach
  • European Scrum pioneer, opinion leader, progressive thinker
  • Founder and CEO of Boris Gloger Consulting GmbH and Boris Gloger Training KG
    • Former career: business analyst and team leader in software development in the fields of IT outsourcing, mobile communication & web
  • Has trained over 5000 people in Scrum, 3000+ people certified
  • Books: