Bernadette Christ, Accounting

At Boris Gloger Consulting, we often talk about people’s willingness to embrace change. We are proud to say that in the midst of our team we have somebody who represents exactly this courage: Bernadette Christ. After twenty years of working as a bakery sales assistant, Bernadette decided to  devote her time and happiness to a new area of responsibility. Bernadette is invaluable in the way that she continuously thinks ahead in the interest of the company and shows absolute diligence towards clients and partners when it comes to invoices and order confirmations. Our enthusiastic dancer and singer is constantly fascinated by the growth and development of Boris Gloger Consulting and enjoys being a part of it. Bernadette is the personification of reliability and patience, as she is convinced that success starts with the diligent handling of even the smallest of matters.

Janine Frensemeyer, Management Assistant

Someone who can teach manners to 16 paws while making 1.800 m2 bloom is certainly capable of coordinating an agile manager. Thanks to Janine, Boris’ time schedule is perfectly organized despite the daily variations concerning clients, locations and tasks. She enjoys that most: no two days’ work are ever the same while she gets to make new contacts around the world. Doing instead of talking is the motto of this socially engaged, nature-loving legal expert from Baden-Baden. In her spare time, Janine looks after her four street dogs from Malta whom she has given a new home for life and lets them roam amongst the sea of English roses in her garden.

Kristina Fierus, Human Resource Management

Kristina can be summed up in five words: no sooner said than done. Whether someone is in need of information or a helping hand, one can always rely on Kristina. She is the pleasant and reliable contact person for our applicants and is there to help with all questions concerning internal human resource matters. Whenever new tasks arise, Kristina is quick to transfer her experience and know-how to any unfamiliar situation and use them as idea generators for innovative solutions. Since our consultants and trainers are constantly on the move, her openness, initiative, humor, patience and talent for improvisation are good for stabilizing the hustle and bustle. As a way of refilling her energy tank, Kristina enjoys taking walks through Nürnberg with her dog Sam.