We love what we do. Are only software developers able to explain Scrum to other software developers? No. After all, Scrum is not a development method, but rather a leadership and change framework. That is the reason why the team behind Boris Gloger mainly consists of consultants and trainers who are good at working with people going through a change process. Furthermore, they are also didactically-skilled technicians, organisational developers, economists, psychologists, sociologists and even philosophers. This team constellation is consciously chosen, as it covers all kinds of potential topics that can come up when a company decides to work with Scrum.

What we do makes you successful.

Although we bring together different education, experiences and personalities, we are all united by the joy we feel when tackling a challenge in a hands-on manner. Making people and companies successful simply excites us. We may get annoyed when we hit an invisible wall in your organisation, but we are happy as Larry when we see our clients’ improvements and successes. Courage for honesty is amongst the most important selection criteria when it comes to finding new members for our team. Each one of us is constantly questioning our own doing, is trained to become a systemic business coach and continuously reflects on his own personality by way of supervision. We believe that improvement never stops.   

"We are not the buddy type, as we are known to address painful subjects in a direct manner. Beating about the bush is not our style. We arrive, we analyze the problem, we get everything in order and enable your employees to do it correctly by themselves in the future." Boris Gloger