We grow with our undertakings

It all began in 2004 when eight people sat in a training held by Boris Gloger.
Four of these were friends, the other four had actually paid a course fee. Soon after, the word spread that one could learn more about Scrum in these trainings. That there’s someone who examines the interrelations within an organization holistically and explains the functional causes as well as the operational work of Scrum. The tougher the question about Scrum, the better we get at answering it. That is the reason why our company’s reputation continually grows parallel to our internal size. We complement our core business with very conscious stakeholder management and partnerships.
This way, we can offer solutions for every question that could possibly arise during a Scrum implementation – from agile software development methods all the way to agile HR.

bor!sgloger training KG, Vienna

Certifications, trainings and seminars are all organized by our training institute.
While the city of Vienna and our pleasant office at Margaretenplatz are always worth a visit, we also offer our trainings in Germany and Switzerland.

bor!sgloger consulting gmbh, Baden-Baden

Over the last couple of years, our Scrum implementation with its organizational change has brought success to the most important DAX enterprises as well as to small and medium Web 2.0 companies in Germany and Austria.

foodPark, Vienna

Theory is good, practice tastes better.
That is why we thoroughly enjoy throwing our training participants into cold water or rather place them into the hot kitchen. Our Scrum Cooking with Juergen Margetich allows you to immediately apply the theory that you have learned throughout the day. And – just like in software development – our Scrum Cooking produces great outcomes. www.foodpark.biz

25th-floor – Operating Custom Solutions, Vienna

Since the bor!sgloger-team is constantly on the go, close work across various locations needs to run smoothly. 25th-floor looks after our technical infrastructure, so that communication problems are avoided. The young, aspiring, and above all committed team of 25th-floor furthermore has a list of notable clients, which they assist in the fields of cluster and high availability solutions, customized open source applications as well as customized CMS and CRM solutions, which are based on open source platforms. In addition, 25th-floor is a Zimbra partner and develops mobile iOS applications for the App Store and internal business tools for supporting different company processes. www.25th-floor.com