We are the specialists for change processes using Scrum.

No, we are not going to tell you about the tremendously dynamic economy now. It is not important whether we act on a global or local market – after all, if people are happy with their work environment, they deliver great results and their passion is evident in every product detail. That is what makes the difference between good and great products and that is exactly what we at Boris Gloger Consulting stand for. We want to improve working conditions to the extent that employees can fully utilize their potential for innovation. To us, Scrum connects efficient product development with self-organizing and entrepreneurially thinking employees. That is the reason why we accompany organizations during their change processes as coaches and consultants. Furthermore, our trainings and certifications help each person to apply Scrum correctly.

Our foundation: thinking further.

Our founder Boris Gloger is considered to be one of the pioneers and innovators worldwide in the field of Scrum. He is a direct student of Ken Schwaber, was the first Certified Scrum Trainer and has brought Scrum to Europe, South Africa and Brazil. As a sociologist with many years of experience in software development, he has always been fascinated by the social factors and the change potential of Scrum towards more motivation and communication. Boris Gloger does not consider Scrum to be only a process model for small teams, but rather a management approach for the whole organization. For this, he has developed the necessary tools and methods. With a holistic view regarding the organization, its people and its market success, Boris Gloger and his team assist companies of any size in Europe, South Africa, Brazil, USA and China in order to develop products more efficiently with Scrum. 

"Best practices in Scrum evolve continuously. I always look for new ways of how we can simplify Scrum even more." Boris Gloger

Our incentive: passion.

Our clients often tell us that our outspokenness does not make it easy for them. However, they also say that it is this element that got them into the fast lane towards success. We simply cannot do without this, as we commit to our clients’ success from the first minute onwards. Our legs and fingers start tingling – we simply want to start and actively tackle the issues at hand. Once we’re finished, we leave behind motivated people, productive teams and a learning organization that embraces change. A piece of our passion stays with your company.  

"We want to make a difference with our work. We want to encourage people to want to make a difference for themselves as well. My team and I are motivated by the vision that employees coming home from work are not exhausted and burned out, but instead arrive home with a smile, knowing that they have already achieved something in the day, while they still have enough energy and time left for their families." Boris Gloger