ScrumMobils | Constellations

Recently I did not have enough consultants to do a huge organizational Scrum implemenation. In my desperation I found these great consultants: They helped me to run a huge visualization project. We worked with the customer on “showing” his organizational structure by using these ScrumMobils as actors. First we did a casting. From the 165 … weiterlesen →

Kens Squirrel Burger Story Retold

I found on Seth Godins Blog a very nice new story that tells us Ken’s squirrel burger story in a different way. Seth wanted a tea with ice (I know it’s odd ;) but did not want to pay for the ice. Have a look at what happend in: The bitter taste of …

Scrum Rollen | Der Kunde | Customer

[Die Rolle des Product Owners] zerfällt in den Customer, den User und den Product Owner. Der Customer ist derjenige, der für das Gesamtprodukt zahlt. Er ist es, der eine neue Anwendung haben möchte, die seine Problem in einem bestimmten Bereich löst. Er ist es, dessen Geld wir haben wollen, damit wir das Projekt durchführen können. … weiterlesen →

Focus to Reach Happiness

Lean, Lean in Hospitals, Lean in Software Development, Lean Management, Theory of Constraints and a lot of other names for one simple idea: Focus. Ken and Jeff mentioned 1999 in “Agile Software Development with Scrum” that Scrum is based on a key values: “Focus.” In “The Flow“, Mihaly Csikszentmihaly shows that Happiness will be achieved … weiterlesen →