News of the Week | Mechelen and Berlin

News: Next week we  have trainings in Mechelen and Berlin. Mechelen is unfortunately sold out. Berlin still has some places. 3. Meeting of Scrum People in Germany, Munich 11.07.08 Blog Entries I found interesting: Events: Scrum Brunch in Vienna, Guest Star: Someone who will talk about the Special Forces of Denmark. September 08. Trainings CSM … weiterlesen →

Deutschprachiges Scrum Treffen in München

3. Deutschsprachiges Scrum Meeting: 11.07.2008 in Unterföhring bei München, 10.00h – 17.00h Achtung: Ihr müsst Euch tatsächlich registrieren um reinzukommen, weil wir die Teilnehmerliste am Empfang melden müssen Zwei Handynummern bei Problemen: +49-172-532 10 64 (Simon Roberts), +49-172-72 56 944 (Krishan Mathis) Details hier:

5 min on Scrum | Freewriting

Yesterday in the training in Vienna we used “Freewriting” again for one of the exercises. Freewriting is a very simple technique that helps a lot of people to write down their thoughts. It is a very creative process that let emerges new ideas and concepts. Freewriting is part of the dreaming phase (Walt-Disney-Strategy). Freewriting works … weiterlesen →