Scrum auf Deutsch

“Ein erstaunlich gutes deutschsprachiges Buch zu diesem Thema. Gut verständlich erklärt es die Grundlagen, geht aber auch ins Detail jedes einzelnen Punktes, beschreibt nachvollziehbar, wie man ihn umsetzen kann und geizt nicht mit Hinweisen aus der Praxis.” mehr Vielen Dank für die netten Worte! Boris

Nokia Test | Heikos Comment

Heiko has written a very good enhancement of the Nokia Test. His idea is to add some aspects for the Product Owner: Does the Backlog entail a Vision? Does the Vision create a sustainable business values stream? This will generate a view on the business aspects of Scrum projects. I agree with Heiko that we … weiterlesen →

Storytelling | PresentationZen | Leadership

Garr Reynolds did a very interesting post about Storytelling and Leadership: As children we were naturally good at telling stories about events or topics that mattered and learning from others via their stories, but as we became older we were taught that serious people relied only on presenting information and “the facts.” Accurate information, sound … weiterlesen →

5 Minutes on Scrum | Transparency

How important transparency was, was something I saw again last week. The simple fact that we created a better visibility about what happens in a couple of teams led to more communication across teams and that created a higher level of trust. The theory behind this is based in the work of Niklas Luhmann, Valera, … weiterlesen →