Scrum for Building Buildings

Since I started to think about Scrum I have known that Scrum can be applied to many more business domains other than software development. By cooking together during the Scrum Training in Vienna, I was able to show that cooks actually use a kind of Scrum in their kitchens. Then I talked to an architect because I wanted … weiterlesen →

Scrum Rollen | Der Manager

Die am wenigsten analysierteste Rolle in der agilen Software Entwicklung ist die des Managers, also des Managements. Bei keiner anderern Rolle wird soviel mit Vorurteilen, Geringschätzungen und falschen Bildern gearbeitet wie hier. “Manager haben keine Ahnung.” “Manager wissen nicht, wie man Software entwickelt” “Alles wäre viel besser, wenn wir keine Manager hätten. In meinem Buch … weiterlesen →

Scrum Tools | Mingle | Review

A new star was expected When we first heard about Mingle everyone expected a new approach in using Scrum Tools. In one respect Mingle fulfilled our expectations in others it did not. Mingle went totally in the direction of using the story card metaphor for its Scrum Tool. From a Product Owner point of view it looks … weiterlesen →