ScrumMaster vs. Domainleads (2)

My experience, so my actual coaching praxis and that what I implement myself and with the help of my coaching teams is exactly a matrix organization, as Jürgen Apello showed. We change the Teamleads to Domainleads Why? Because we want to get rid of the notion that the Teamlead leads a team. The ScrumMaster “leads” … weiterlesen →

ScrumMaster and Domainleads – our solution for large organizations

A wonderful article about organization of a department or company using a matrix organization I found here: ————–. Optimize Communication, Throw the Boss Out It is well-known that difficult goals are best achieved when people work in small teams of under ten people. Various agile methods were created based on this principle. Communication in teams … weiterlesen →

Mehr wissen! Moderationstraining

bor!sgloger Mitarbeiter weitergebildet: Moderationstraining bei Dieter Rösner Das Echo auf das Training aus allem Richtungen war so positiv, wir möchten nach dem Motto „spread the word“ für Interessenten aus einem Scrum Umfeld (must have) solche Moderationstrainings mit Dieter Rösner als Weiterbildungsmöglichkeit im Zusammenhang mit „Scrum leben“  anbieten. Boris: Warum ein Moderationstraining? Man kann über Selbst-Organisation … weiterlesen →

Scrum Gathering Brazil, Agenda

Next week Tuesday and Wednesday will be the 1st Scrum Gathering in Brazil. I am looking forward to see you there Schedule: Time Event Speaker & Details 9:30 – 10:00 Welcome Remarks Jim Cundiff, Managing Director – Scrum Alliance 10:00 – 10:45 Keynote Address Project Management as a Strategic Competency – Ricardo Vargas, PMI 10:45 … weiterlesen →