Shock Therapy — Tobias Comment

Tobias wrote an answer to the blog article of Jeff Sutherland Shock Therapy: Bootstrapping Hyperproductive Scrum. Tobias Article: Shock Therapy … or Compassion shows clearly the problem in which we run, if we consider Scrum only as a methode to “force” teams to become hyper-productive. Tobias: What Jeff Sutherland and Scott Downey are describing is … weiterlesen →

Jeff Sutherland | Shock Therapy

Scott Downey, MySpace Agile Coach, has a way of bootstrapping Scrum teams to a high performing state in a company that is about 1/3 waterfall, 1/3 ScrumButt with project managers, and 1/3 pure Scrum with only Scrum roles. Scott consistently takes teams to 240% of the velocity of MySpace waterfall teams in an average of … weiterlesen →

How we do Sprint Planning 2

Design rules :) Not only in product development but also in Sprint Planning 2.  A team that worked with me last week did everything to understand what they really have to do in their Sprint Planning 2. The walked through the code base during the planning session. All 8 team members learned a lot. They understood … weiterlesen →

We are not equal!

If you give a good idea to mediocre team, they´ll screw it up. But if you give a mediocre idea to a great team they´ll make it work. — Ed Cutmull in How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity. First let me make one point absolutely clear – I truly believe that we have all the same rights, that every … weiterlesen →