Scrum Tools | Mingle | Review

A new star was expected When we first heard about Mingle everyone expected a new approach in using Scrum Tools. In one respect Mingle fulfilled our expectations in others it did not. Mingle went totally in the direction of using the story card metaphor for its Scrum Tool. From a Product Owner point of view it looks … weiterlesen →

Scrum Rollen | Andwender | End-User

Die Rolle Anwender kommt in der ursprünglichen Formulierung von Scrum ebenfalls nicht vor. Sie ist jedoch zunächst als Konzept, als Rolle, ebenso wichtig wie der Customer. Die Rolle des Users hat keine Verantwortlichkeiten. Wir können ihn nicht für die Qualität des Produktes verantwortlich machen oder für die Lieferung. Der User hat also kein Verantwortung in … weiterlesen →

Scrum for the Money

When you listen to Jeff Sutherland and hear all the stories about 400% revenue increase of company X,Y, Z then you start to wonder why we do Scrum. Most companies whichI coach and train want to do Scurm because they want to make more money.  And in a business context it is usually fully correct … weiterlesen →

ScrumMobils | Constellations

Recently I did not have enough consultants to do a huge organizational Scrum implemenation. In my desperation I found these great consultants: They helped me to run a huge visualization project. We worked with the customer on “showing” his organizational structure by using these ScrumMobils as actors. First we did a casting. From the 165 … weiterlesen →