Open Loops

Today I want to start an experiment. I want to be a ScrumMaster, a Product Owner and the Team. The project is very simple: My life! I created tons of open loops in the last 6 month. People who see my backlog might say …”he is crazy.” and they are right. I was running to … weiterlesen →

Agile People – Right Brain

I found a funny article …. ….. Agile world This is where the right-brained people need to come in. We need people who can take a step back and look at the bigger picture, people who respond rapidly when change is needed – agile people. (more)

Scrumlies | Product Owner | Interview

(sequel to the Product Owner Interview) In the meantime the sunset lightens the apartment. An red-orange color floods the room and creates a very friendly atmosphere. Boris: That means you work on a daily basis with the Team? Product Owner: In some sense yes, in some sense no. I do not interfere with their way to act. That … weiterlesen →

Scrum Gathering Brazil Review

This review was written by Luciano Félix in portuguese and translated to english. The orginal text can be accessed here. After losing my flight, thanks to the heavy rains in Recife, I get straight from the airport to the first Scrum Gathering Brazil with great expectations. Everything was very well organized. The Hyatt hotel was … weiterlesen →