Scrum vs. Kanban

Karl Scottland, asked me to give you more precice information about Scrum and Kanban. He A Kanban system is a mechanism for controlling the work in the software development system.  Kanban can be defined as “visual card”, as shown below – kindly written for me by Kenji Hiranabe [?] at Agile 2008. read more … weiterlesen →

Scrum Tools | ScrumNinja | Review

Developed by Internaut Design, a company from San Francisco, California. Scrum Ninja is a hosted project management tool for scrum teams. You don’t to worry about installing anything on your company, all your information will be hosted onInternaut servers and accessible through the web. ScrumNinja is focused only on Scrum teams bringing the basic features … weiterlesen →

Beyond Scrum => Kanban

Ken was asked years ago, what will be the next interesting thing beyond Scrum. He had no answer. Now we do have an answer. We go KANBAN. What does a Kanban System look like for software development?  Very simply, there is a queue of work, which goes through a number of stages of development until … weiterlesen →