Scrum is NOT for Everybody

Scrum is not for everybody! — I needed to hear this from Ken again during the Orlando Gathering this year. I had a very bad experience in one of my last trainings. I was not relaxed enough just to listen away. But in fact Kens statement helped me again. Some people simple do not want … weiterlesen →

We treat people as adults

The talk of Alistair and Ken, that I mentioned Yesterday, was pointing out another very important aspect. We treat people as adults. We believe they are intelligent, smart, adult people who are responsible for their life. We do not believe that we do need to tell them what they have to do, in which way … weiterlesen →

What is Software?

For the work on my PhD I need the help of you! One important part of my PhD thesis will be a research about “What is Software?” In case you know any statement any idea, anything you can contribute, I would be very happy if you can add this as a comment. Thanks — Boris