use your time

Hard times, less business … cool! Use your time to learn something new. This is the advice from Seth Godin. Learn something. Become an expert. For free, using nothing but time, you can become a master of CSS or HTML or learn Python. You can hit the library and read the entire works of important … weiterlesen →

… das PlanningPoker ist wirklich klasse

Toll, dass das Training wirklich etwas bringt. 2009/3/9 Ralf Bürger <> Hallo Boris, … das PlanningPoker ist wirklich klasse. Ich habe es jetzt zwei Mal in laufenden Projekten eingesetzt und dazu bunt Leute mit verschiedenen Aufgaben zusammengerufen. Die hatten alle keine Ahnung von Scrum und kannten auch diese Abschätzungsmethode nicht, waren aber nach nur drei Schätzungen … weiterlesen →

Taylor strikes back … Kanban in action

I was asked a couple of days ago, what I think about KANBAN for Software development. Searching google for KANBAN development brings. [1] [2 ] [3] A much better article you will find here: [4] Knowing that the KANBAN system was used to create a flow of material to produce cars on … weiterlesen →

Toyota Production System (4)

A month ago, I started a series about the Toyota Production System and Scrum. A question by Christoph Stock, TNG in Munich, reminded me to write further on this topic. Principle 4: Level out the workload. Scrum levels workload by having team members self-assign tasks from task boards based on the tasks’ complexity and their … weiterlesen →