istock_000010315914xsmallAs everybody knows, the ScrumMaster can not act in the Role of the Product Owner. 10 Reasons:

  1. The ScrumMaster could not protect the development team.
  2. The ScrumMaster could not protect the Product Owner against Management
  3. The ScrumMaster should have a reasonable workload.
  4. The ScrumMaster will not be able to tell himself that he does a lousy job as a Product Owner.
  5. The Product Owner would get no help from the ScrumMaster against the development team.
  6. The ScrumMaster and the Product Owner role will conflict at the idea that the team shall come up with their own technical solutions.
  7. The ScrumMaster would now be involved in the outcome. He would get all blame from Management in case of failure.
  8. Who will do the validation of the product in the Review? The ScrumMaster\Product Owner would not be independent anymore.
  9. The Product Owner as ScrumMaster would accept flaws in quality, because he suddenly has the power.
  10. Most ScrumMasters are not good in Product Development. Their skill set is leading them into a different role.
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„Mut“ ist jener Wert von Scrum, mit dem sich Boris Gloger am stärksten identifiziert. Er hat in seinem eigenen Leben keine Angst vor radikalen Entscheidungen und vor dem Glauben an eine Idee. Für kein Geld der Welt würde er sich Regeln unterwerfen, die keinen Sinn machen. Er glaubt an Scrum, weil es nicht nur bessere Produkte, sondern auch eine bessere und menschlichere Arbeitswelt schaffen kann.
  • Michael Sync

    You would write the reason for those facts as well..

    For example: You should write why SM can’t protect the team. Is it because SM is not spider man? Is he too weak? Is it his responsibly not to protect the team?

    Yes. It would be really great if you can write the reason in details (with real-life scenario)

    • Boris Gloger

      Hi, nice idea … although this was not the purpose of this post. But … stay tuned. We will write up all the reasons for this during the next month. I promise.

    • Simon Crase

      I think this one is easy: As Scrum Master I am responsible for protecting the team against everyone, including the Product Owner, who is, let me see, me. But surely they don’t need protection from little me…

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  • Olivia Jennifer

    The Product Owner represents the interest of the
    stakeholder community to the Scrum Team. The Product Owner is responsible for
    ensuring clear communication of product and service functionality requirements
    to the Scrum Team, defining Acceptance Criteria and ensuring those criteria’s
    are met.